My strongest identity is that of being a Muslim. It may sound cliché, but the truth is, Islam is my way of life. Through my experiences I have found a lot of people are curious, a lot of people have genuine questions, a lot people do not know where to look for answers and most people do not want to be offensive. Interfaith dialogue allows for respectful conversations where knowledge and experience can be shared. It allows community engagement which often leads to better understanding and ultimately, unity between different groups of people.


Wherever I am invited, I make a point to open the floor for discussion. I allow people an opportunity to ask questions to learn and understand Islam and my way of life in a new and informed light. Children and adults alike have asked me many questions and I have asked many questions in return. It is how we grow, how we learn to be tolerant and accepting of others and the way forward Insha’Allah (God willing).

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