Ramadan Pack

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The Ramadan Pack includes:

  • My Muslim Mate x1
  • Why Does Mum Wear A Hijab? x1
  • Tayta Remembers x1
  • Ramadan Rules x1


My Muslim Mate explains aspects of Islam that are often misunderstood, and is a great resource for non-Muslim families who wish to learn more, as well as Muslim students in classrooms across Australia who can access the book to help express themselves.

Why Does Mum Wear a Hijab? explains the significance of religious clothing and accessories for people of faith. It highlights the reasons Muslim women choose to wear the hijab and paves the way for discussion about other ways people choose to represent their faith.

Ramadan Rules explains all there is to know about the holiest month in the Islamic Calendar. From explanations about iftar and suhoor to discussions about what can and cannot be done during this month, this story takes readers on an educational journey and informs them about the glorious month of Ramadan.

Tayta Remembers celebrates the role food plays in shaping our lives and telling our stories. It is a celebration of culture, history and heritage and offers readers an opportunity to learn about a time and place of long ago.

2 reviews for Ramadan Pack

  1. Rim

    Beautiful books are written and illustrated to illuminate our kid’s brain and heart.. we are in need of this kind of books to help us as teachers and parents to educate our little ones about our religion and culture in an engaging way ❣️

  2. Amal Lulu

    I purchased all 4 of Amals books during lockdown for a friends son. Amal was amazing to communicate with over Instagram, very responsive and polite. My friend absolutely loves the books and always comments on how her son loves to read them.

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