Why Does Mum Wear A Hijab?

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Why Does Mum Wear a Hijab? explains the significance of religious clothing and accessories for people of faith. It highlights the reasons Muslim women choose to wear the hijab and paves the way for discussion about other religious clothing and accessories.



Amina is a young artist who loves drawing pictures of unicorns, fairies and her family. When drawing pictures of her mum, she often wonders whether or not to draw her wearing her hijab. Amina becomes curious to know why the hijab is so important to her mum, so, she asks her about it.

Why Does Mum Wear a Hijab? explains the significance of religious clothing and accessories for people of faith. It highlights the reasons Muslim women choose to wear the hijab and paves the way for discussion about other ways people choose to represent their faith.

7 reviews for Why Does Mum Wear A Hijab?

  1. Fatima Allouch

    ‘Why does mum wear a Hijab’ is a fantastic source of enlightenment for children to learn the purpose of hijab. I loved reading it to my children and we all enjoyed the storyline. This book fosters mutual respect amongst all the great and diverse cultures and religions in Australia. Well done Amal, and we look forward to reading more of your work.

  2. Rima (verified owner)

    My daughter & I absolutely loved reading this book together. Very well written & illustrated, it opens up a path for curious minds to truely understand the purpose of Hijab & why mum wears it.

  3. Widian Kaddah (verified owner)

    As a veiled woman I cherished every moment of this book. Religion can, at times, be a difficult topic to discuss with children. I loved that I was able to communicate a complex issue in a simple and accessible manner to my children. In a world plagued by fear, division and uncertainty, Amal’s book paves the way for discussion and understanding. Like the mother in the book, I too cherish my crown and my identity. Well done Amal and please keep writing.

  4. Tania (verified owner)

    ‘Why does my mum wear a hijab’ is a fantastic book that has been written so well! When we received it my little one got so excited and ofcourse asked me to read it for bedtime and loved it so much that he wanted me to read it again but it was getting late 😅 I love how this book explains the hijab so beautifully whilst embracing other cultures making it such a diverse book for all. 10/10 from us 🥰🥰 thank you so much Amal for writing this books and representing our muslim community so well! I wish I had this book growing up.

  5. Safa alchami

    Wow. My children are under the age of 6 and we have always had different questions about Islam and hijab and this book opened up such a beautiful conversation with my children about those topics! It’s super easy to follow and read and we loved every moment !

  6. Hatice Aydemir

    We just received ‘Why does mum wear a hijab’ and ‘My Muslim mate’ yesterday and my children haven’t put it down since.
    I am very happy to add this to our home library as it’s very relatable and good to see books about Aussie Muslims.
    Look forward to future books.

  7. Linda El Samad

    Linda El Samad 23-10-20
    Thank you immensely Amal for beautifully delivering to your readers a fun & child friendly, inclusive book. That compliments diversity while still maintaining the importance off the hijab & what it means to the blessed woman who choose to wear it, whilst respecting the individuality of other. I brought 2 copies for my grand children & look forward to gifting your books to many others loved ones. Insha’Allah your fountain of knowledge & ink flows to inspire many. XOXOX

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